Mission Statement

    National Apostolate of Maronites (NAM) assists its bishops, serves as a link in unifying Maronite laity in the U.S., strengthens the bond between clergy and laity. NAM helps preserve Syriac-Maronite traditions by making people aware of the rich Maronite heritage and by fostering pride in the Maronite Church
    Helping to preserve Beit Maroun
    for generations to come

Dear Friends,

Welcome to NAM's website. Thanks to our founding fathers, the leadership of our Bishops and clergy and the hard work of all present and past board members, NAM delegates and membership, NAM is fifty-one years old and strong. As we move in to our next fifty years, we would like you to be a part of this rich tradition and organization. We are proud of our past and we look forward to our future. This is an exciting time for NAM as we spread our mission to our fellow Maronites in Mexico, Canada and the rest of the diaspora. Join us and be part of this exciting moment in history by joining NAM. NAM can only grow by increasing our membership and you joining us.

Hope you enjoy this website and we look forward to have you and your friends visit our webpage.

Elias Ayoub MD FACS
President of NAM

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